Collelungo produces Chianti Classico in the heart of this renewed Italian region. The farm is located at an average altitude of 540 meters ( 1650 ft ) above sea level . It consists of 94 hectares (225 acres), 19(45) of which are planted to Sangiovese, with 2(5) to Merlot.
The soil, known as “alberese and galestro”, with the classical structure of medium-textured stony limestone, has a poor water retention capacity. Because of this and the decision to hold production to very few grapes per vine, our wine has a unique character that we call “ Collelungo’s unique terroir”.

Due to the very hard soil conditions, all the viticultural operations in the vineyards, like pruning, typing-up, leaf removal, bunch thinning, are carried out by hand; harvesting is also hand-made, so only the very best grapes can have Collelungo’s label.

The excellent exposure of the vineyards, all south facing, and exceptional soil and microclimate, plus planting densities, which have been progressively raised to over 5,500 vines per hectare (2,250 an acre), trained with the Tuscan arched-cane system for the older vines and cordon-trained, spur-pruned for the most recent, assure production of complex, elegant and typical wines.

This area has cooler than average temperatures, due both to the altitude and to the specific microclimate, which gives grapes a particular aromatic character.

In the winery the use of special wide stainless steel cats for fermentation gives excellent color extraction through regular punching down of the cap. Leading to extremely sweet and elegant tannins, and the preservation of all the aromatic components of the wine.After all the fermentations have been completed, the wines mature in small French oak barrels. Then finally, the wines are bottled and rest in the cellars for a few months before going to market.