All the apartments, which can accommodate up to 5 people, are located in the three houses that make up the main part of the farm and they all have breathtaking views over the vineyards. They have maintained a rustic Tuscan character with comfortable and elegant furniture. With many items being made for us by local craftsmen.

Each apartment has its own outside seating area, open fireplace or stove, and have central heating for cooler Tuscan months.

The galley kitchen, next to the living room, includes a fridge, full-size cooker with four burners and oven, and comes fully equipped. All the apartments have comfortable, upholstered armchairs or sofas in the lounge, a dining table and dining chairs, bathrooms with tub or shower.

Apartments for 2 people

  • Istrice


    Istrice ("Porcupine") is on the 2nd floor reached via an internal flight of stone steps to [...]

  • Tartuca


    Tartuca ("Tortoise") is the first apartment you come to on the right as you enter by the m [...]

  • Civetta


    Civetta ("Owl") is a 1st floor apartment, entered through the loggia of our second buildin [...]

  • Oca


    Oca ("Goose") is a 1st floor apartment entered up a flight of steps from its own ground-fl [...]

Apartments for 2 people + 1 (*)

  • Lupa


    Lupa (the 'She-Wolf') is on the 2nd floor. It is reached via an internal flight of stone s [...]

  • Giraffa


    Giraffa ("Giraffe") is a duplex apartment with its own ground-floor entrance and small sto [...]

  • Selva


    Selva ("Forest") is a ground floor apartment entered via French windows from its own priva [...]

  • Montone


    Montone ("Ram") is a private stand-alone cottage, South-facing with its own patio/rose gar [...]

  • Torre


    Torre ("Tower") is a magnificent duplex apartment with panoramic views North and South ove [...]

Apartments for 4 people

  • Leocorno


    Leocorno ("Unicorn") is a spacious two bedroom, two bathroom apartment in the center of ou [...]

  • Pantera


    Pantera (Panther) is a two-bedroom duplex on the West side of our property which benefits [...]

Apartments for 4 people + 1 (*)

  • Aquila


    Aquila (‘Eagle’) is on the first floor. It is reached via an internal flight of stone step [...]